Sunday, November 8, 2009

First post 9/11

Today, is my first post. Kind of late, but I think I would fill in on what I have done.
Its the fourth week, and I am on my storyboard, going on to my animatics.
I think I should be done with my animatics by this week, and then i will go on to test my story onmy target audience this weekend.
here is my schedule:

This week is audio and animatics week. Need to rush things out this week, and its going to gte busier and busier from here.

here are my character designs:

planning to use photoshop, though Alan was quite against the idea of using photoshop to do animation. However, i think I am not very versatile in toonboom, so I might stick to photoshop. Maybe I'll do one more test animation to finalize that.